Glossy collapsible box
October 3, 2018
Rigid exclusive cosmetic packaging
October 3, 2018

Rigid boxes are made of heavier-weight board cover with paper wrap.They are much more durable, both in appearance and material.A laminated rigid box immediately draws attention.

The durable raw material and the slightly robust appearance evoke curiosity. Add beautiful graphics to suggest elegance.In the case of rigid boxes the pressed sheet is laminated onto the chipboard.

Thus, in addition to its durability, the box will also have a beautiful appearance. The adhesive layer is added to the sheet evenly, using special technology. As a result, after laminating the sides of the box will feel even and smooth to the touch.Magnetic closure that operates easily and securely can give the laminated rigid box great exclusivity. At our printing company, the magnet is inserted and hidden in the wall of the chipboard using a magnet inserting machine in a way that the magnet remains invisible in the final product.